6 July 2015


In the same week as Terminator Genisys has shown just how low the bar is for sequels, Magic Mike XXL turns out to be perfect counter-programming by expanding upon and ultimately surpassing the first film in just about every way imaginable. And as it turned out, the first thing that had to go was all of that pesky plot.

Three years after the first film, “Magic” Mike Lane has managed to get his beach Womble enterprise off the ground, selling his handmade flotsam and jetsam furniture. Business isn't bad, but it's not so good that he can afford to pay for his lone employee's health insurance either. Unusually, financial gain isn't what spurs Mike to return to stripping. Nevertheless, the former Kings of Tampa - Big Dick Richie, Ken, Tarzan and Tito- come calling as they're about to head on a road trip from Florida to South Carolina, planning their final show as a group at a prestigious convention.

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Magic Mike XXL is now showing in cinemas nationwide.