14 January 2015


Musicals can be tough to adapt from the stage to film, but you'd think that Rob Marshall, who brought the genre into the 21st century with 2002's Oscar-winning Chicago, would be a safe pair of hands. Unfortunately, that's maybe too true of Into The Woods, a project that has flummoxed filmmakers for a good couple of decades. The much anticipated film is based on Stephen Sondheim's play, mashing up a bunch of different fairytales to more subversive effect.

In a magical kingdom by a great forest, a baker and his wife are desperate to have a child together. Alas, the baker is cursed with childlessness by the Witch who lives next door, over a quarrel with his deadbeat dad. Fortunately for them, she agrees to lift the curse in the event of a blue moon three nights hence, if they gather the ingredients she needs to make a restorative potion, including items that belong to other iconic fairytale characters.

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Into The Woods is now showing at cinemas nationwide.

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