27 June 2014

CHEF- Review

To paraphrase The Simpsons' Ralph Wiggum, “the food truck symbolises obviousness” in Chef. Jon Favreau's first film since 2011's Cowboys & Aliens is a back-to-basics personal comedy film that probably cost about as much as the catering budget of that film or either of his Iron Man efforts. What a coincidence then, that it also stars Favreau as the lead character, who goes back to basics in a similar way.

Chef Carl Casper was once the next big thing in cuisine, but has since settled into a creative rut at a restaurant owned by Riva. He's been serving his boss' menu for five years, but finally loses his tether when he gets a very public critical drubbing from acerbic food writer Ramsey Michel. Courtesy of a less-than-ideal introduction to the world of social media, Carl's subsequent flame war and meltdown at Michel goes viral and Riva sacks him. Handily, his ex-wife calls in a favour to get him a taco truck, providing him with a blank canvas for his culinary art, as well as an opportunity to reconnect with his 10-year-old son Percy.

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Chef is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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