18 August 2011


If you remember back to last month, my buddies and I debuted an idea called "One Mile Reviews", filming our instant reactions to a movie in the time it takes to drive home from the local cinema. Our pilot concerned Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, and we've finally followed up by looking at The Inbetweeners Movie.

In the leap from E4 to the big screen, we naturally find our teenaged heroes- Will, Simon, Jay and Neil- deciding to go abroad. Hell, even In The Loop went on a holiday, of sorts. The four clueless numpties pack their bags for a fortnight in Malia. Happily, it's nothing like Kevin And Perry Go Large, and for once, being an extended episode of the TV series isn't a negative thing. Watch our video review, after the jump.

Here is our spoiler-free video review...

A few things we managed to forget to mention in the video- what with instant reactions and all...

- Five minutes into the film, a couple in their 50s walked right out, having seemingly suffered enough embarrassment at an elaborate scene involving Jay, wanking and ham (in that order). The maxim about this series for its teenage fans has always been that they should never watch with their parents- it's just too cringeworthy. As the film signifies, it's also not exactly to the taste of some viewers. Despite the 15 certificate, lower than the 18 certificate of the series on DVD, it's an unapologetic gross-out comedy.

- This is clearly going to be a huge hit in the UK. The local megaplex sold out four screens of it, all evening. That's partly going to be because of the Orange Wednesday opening- a busy cinema day for the student audience- but also because The Inbetweeners seems like one of those watercooler TV series that carries a great deal of affection. It's almost certain to top the box office over the weekend.

- Although all of the leads are on top form, Joe Thomas is slightly short-changed as Simon, with his unrequited love for life-long crush Carli reaching utterly insane proportions, to the point where his character makes stupid decisions for no reason other than a cheap giggle. His arc finishes strong though, without giving anything away, and lends itself to the surprisingly poignant finale.

- In the way of most finales, the film is sometimes a little too bent on concluding the series altogether, and the neatness of the ending may be a little predictable. That said, it largely succeeds as a coming-of-age tale, with anyone who's into this series having seen 18 episodes of immature and embarrassing antics beforehand. The transition justifies the length, at least as far as I'm concerned.

In short, there've been many versions of this type of comedy coming out of Hollywood this year, but I struggle to think of one that made me laugh as hard or as consistently as The Inbetweeners Movie. It's not purely gross-out, with fans having now formed firm attachments to the four principal characters. The blokey formula is once again successfully tempered by our four lovable beta-males, standing the film in better stead than The Hangover Part II, to name but one similar film. At 96 minutes, it's a bombardment of comedic set-pieces that almost always land well, but it's probably not going to convert newcomers.

The Inbetweeners Movie is now showing in cinemas nationwide. I'm on holiday in Edinburgh until Sunday, but I'll have another new review for you tomorrow, from beyond the border...
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Joel said...

Beta Butt Boys, you mean.

My biggest gripe with the film was Will's love interest. The rest of the dudes had (fairly) realistic female counterparts, except the biggest munter of the four - who pulls an absolute caricature of the perfect woman. Yeah, yeah, sense of humour is more important than looks, the geek wins in the end... it still snapped at least one of my belief suspenders.