12 July 2011

Looking back at Harry Potter- THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN

In the run-up to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, I've written a number of articles reflecting on the Harry Potter films, which will appear throughout the week on Den of Geek. I'll also post them here...

This is the first story in the series that doesn't feature an appearance by Lord Voldemort, instead focusing on Sirius Black as an antagonist for much of the film. Black has escaped the wizarding prison, Azkaban, an act thought to be impossible. All indications are that he wants to avenge the Dark Lord by killing Harry Potter. 

Warned of Black's intentions, Harry returns to Hogwarts to find it guarded by the sentinels of Azkaban- vile magical creatures called Dementors. As Dementors feed on unhappy memories and past traumas, they have a more profound effect on Harry than anybody else, and with the help of the new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher, Professor Lupin, he must learn to fight his fear.

CuarĂ³n's influence on the series is immediately obvious. The film has a darker, more sophisticated palette, and cinematographer Michael Seresin brings in a desaturated look that's worlds away from the first two instalments.

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