21 July 2010

Lego To The Movies

With the creative team from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs signing up to work on the upcoming Lego movie, and the recent release of the latest video-game spin-off, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, it seems as good a time as any to talk about certain branches of the Lego empire.

Is there a man or woman alive who doesn't love Lego? It seems like a lot of people like video games too, even though personally the only game I've really properly played in the last ten years is Batman: Arkham Asylum. The other infrequent chances I've had to pick up a controller have involved the Lego games of movies though. Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones and now Harry Potter. So what should be next?

Lego Saw

Video by NIVALIS09

If ever a bloodthirsty torture porn horror series was meant for Lego, it's the Saw series! Build the traps! Set them off! Get steadily more convoluted and wrapped up in plot as you go along! This one lends itself to Lego better than any other horror, particularly as they can repeat the Harry Potter release model by doing "Lego Saw I-IV" first and then doing the rest of the films in a second game!

I did consider other ones, but Lego Antichrist seemed a bit sickening even by my standards. Keep it likable, and fun for all the family!

Lego Terminator

Video by cuatro44

Last year, I noted in my Terminator Salvation review that James Cameron's uber-violent sci-fi action series had gotten more and more kid-friendly as it went along, to the extent that McG's version had a Terminator voice changer helmet as a merchandising tie-in. If they have to plow the metal meanies in the rear USB port, at least let them do it in Lego form!

No blood, just a rock-em sock-em re-telling of the series. Even the writing of John Brancato and Michael Ferris on the latter instalments can be overcome with the joys of Lego! Oddly, there actually seems to be a demand for this one on certain movie forums, irrespective of the need for fun for all the family!

Lego The Room

If you haven't yet experienced the unintentional hilarity of quadruple-threat Tommy Wiseau's debut odyssey The Room, there's little I can do except let the above video speak for itself. The video game of this so-bad-it's-bad modern classic is surely inevitable, made in the mold of The Sims or something, but why not spice it up by making it Lego? Given yesterday's development over at That Guy With The Glasses though, perhaps it doesn't really deserve it.

With detachable body parts, you really can pull Johnny apart when he delivers the immortal line "YOU ARE TEARING ME APART!", and say "Oh hai doggy" as you play fun mini-games at the flower store. A Tennessee Williams-wannabe potboiler becomes fun for all the family!
If there's a Lego game you want to see that I've missed, why not share your comments below? If you're from Wiseau Films and you want me to take this blog down, you'd better start recalling all your DVDs, because you'll be setting a precedent where you're the only people who can talk about your film.

I'm Mark the mad prophet, and until next time, don't watch anything I wouldn't watch.

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