21 June 2010

Summertime is here again...

You can tell it's summer because this is Rotten Tomatoes' UK box office top ten widget thing. There's one Fresh rated film in there and it's flipping Streetdance 3D.

In all fairness, at least two of those are pretty good- Brooklyn's Finest and Prince of Persia, and Wild Target certainly doesn't deserve the 0% Fresh rating it's currently got from 5 official reviews.

As for the rest- this is the length and breadth of what's in cinemas at the moment. And this is why my general indifference to the  World Cup blossoms into rage, especially when the England team's current in-fighting with their manager resembles nothing so much as Mike Bassett- England Manager, an excellent comedy about the tournament that spun off into a considerable less excellent TV series.

The World Cup leads into counter-programming, and that's why the top two are pap that the otherwise more reasonable of the two sexes was somehow brainwashed into seeing.

A sorry state of affairs, particularly when we should really have Toy Story 3 in cinemas like the Americans do. Tut.

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