13 June 2010

General Update 13/06/2010

Not that I think a lot of you are very intensely interested in my comings and goings, but seeing as how I've kind of given the blog a massive upheaval, gonna give a general update.

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The blog looks different! Hooray! I'm not the type to preserve screencaps of all the different design iterations of my blog, but I think this one helps my ramblings a lot. It looks more professional, I think, which helps a lot when I shout myself hoarse at all of you. That top banner will be revised too- it's just a placeholder for now and looks a little pixelated at present.

I've also gone back and stopped numbering the Mad Prophet posts. The big old (currently fuzzy) banner at the top tells you where you are, and the numbering was really only a way for me to keep track. Instead you'll get the tenuously linked puns only at the top of each post, so enjoy that.

Upcoming reviews include Brooklyn's Finest, Death at a Funeral, The Killer Inside Me, Killers and of course Toy Story 3, which I'll be seeing next Saturday at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Expect most of those other reviews in the next week or so, and the Toy Story 3 review will come with video diary and the like.

As I warned before, I'm going to bombard you with coverage of that film, given the expense I'm putting into it. Non-spoiler video review to go up next week, spoiler video review to go up a week after release, the works.

While I fully intend to continue updating this blog through the summer and beyond, I'll also be very busy with other stuff.

For starters, I'm being creative for a change! It's not something I look forward to greatly as I may yet fall afoul of every criticism I've ever laid at Michael Bay's door- I don't know what kind of filmmaker or screenwriter or author I am just yet. You've heard that authors are their own worst critics? Imagine how bad it is for me!

One thing that's definitely forthcoming is my first produced screenplay, and it's got a Dalek in it. I'm one of three winners in the Writer's Block North East Puppet Parody competition, the objective of which was to script a parody in the vein of the Potter Puppet Pals series, to be turned into a short film with puppets.

I'm very excited about seeing the final result, tentatively titled Doctor Who and the Inky Doom and I'm looking forward to developing the script with the very talented and creative people who work in that place. I'll probably post a YouTube link on here once the film's been completed and posted online.

Elsewhere, they're putting me on air! Broadcasting! The first of my inevitable broadcast breakdowns will appear sometime over the summer on Community Voice FM, a station just around the corner from where I go to university. I think they have the option to listen online, so I'll be plugging the show, in which a rotating line-up of film buffs (including me), discuss non-mainstream films. Indie films, B-movies, world cinema and the like.

More than that, I'm embarking on a very different and slightly exciting set of video reviews over the summer. The motley crew I've gathered is going to film eight episodes through the summer, with a view to premiering the series (potentially "Season One") in the autumn. Once again, I'll be linking here as well as on the community section of That Guy With The Glasses.

With the current jobs market, such plans generally require me to support myself in other ways, so I'm trying to monetise the place a little bit. I'm trying to keep this to a minimum as I'm very tentatively having a go at Amazon Associates. I don't know what the money's like in this thing anyway. If the odd ad appears here and there in a post, please don't get upset- I'll stop if I ever think it's intrusive.

For those who are already missing the numbering approach, I should point out that this is the 100th post on this blog. And it's the closest to an actual blog we've ever got, because it's about MY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS AND PLANS. Ahem.

If you're still with me after 100 posts, nothing on the Internet will ever hurt you again.

I'm Mark the mad prophet, and until next time, try to guess which of my myriad summer plans will fall through...

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